Shipping and Returns

Return & Exchange Policy

  1. All refund/exchange must be claimed within 7 days from the date of receipt.
  2. Refund/exchange products must be in its original condition.
  3. Refund/exchange will only be done once product has been received and checked that it is in its original condition.
  4. Customers are responsible for their own postage to send back item for refund.
  5. Refund/exchange includes manufacturer defects, product malfunctions, sizing issues.
  6. Refund/exchange does not cover damage caused by pet’s chewing, tearing or other defacement as well as common wear from use, or the use of dogs that exceed the weight and height limits set for each model.
  7. Wag Actually reserves the right to introduce new products at any time without advance notice.
  8. Refund/exchange does not include returning an older product for a newer version​.
  9. The handle strap on the harness is not meant for carrying or lifting your dog. It is merely to pull your dog closer to you. Damage of the handle strap from carrying your dog “like a handbag” will not be acceptable for refund/exchange


  • International Shipping requires an additional shipping fee (usually takes around 10-14 working days for parcel to arrive upon confirmation of payment receipt)2. Delivery within Singapore is free (takes around 4-7 working days for parcel to arrive upon confirmation of payment receipt)