The double strap across the body prevents your dog from easily escaping the harness.


    The front ring helps to prevent your dogs from tugging. 


    The handle strap is helpful for pulling your dog even closer to you when necessary, or away from fights. 


    The neoprene padding around the chest helps to cushion your dogs chest to ensure comfort. 

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  • Amy, owner of Cockerpoo (Singapore)

    "Great design, affordable and beautiful color . Most importantly, it fits well and snug, provides and all round secure fit."

  • Jaslyn, owner of Special (Singapore)

    Friendly, great seller who knows their stuff - thanks for the reco on color and size fit! The harness fits perfectly and is so comfy on my dog that she sleeps with it!!!

  • Peggy, owner of 2 Korean breed (USA)

    Ever since I got the harness and leash, my dogs finally stop pulling and walks by my side.

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“Dogs deserve nothing, but the best of everything and it is our dream to share this experience with all the other dog owners out there.” 

- Ryan and Joanne, 
Founders of Wag Actually

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