About Us

Who are we?

Hello! It's Ryan and Joanne here, owners of a playful and active Beagle and English Bulldog and founders of Wag Actually. 

We believe that quality and design in canine lifestyle products are crucial to provide dog owners with the assurance of safety, comfort and versatility. We enjoy being active with our dogs and often bring them out for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, road trips, restaurant and cafe hopping. Dogs deserve nothing, but the best of everything and it is our dream to share this experience with all the other dog owners out there.


Make your walks a care-free and enjoyable journey

Wag Actually has found the key to make activities and walks more enjoyable and safe through our specially designed harness and leash. All dogs have different personalities and behaviours and our products are created to accommodate versatility to suit your dogs’ walking style.


Our Trust Me Harness is designed in a way that suits warm climates like Singapore. The amount of surface area covered on your dog’s body is minimised to what is necessary; straps with cushioned chest area. This is sufficient to ensure that your dog does not get overheated, but is also well protected with enough straps that would sit perfectly and comfortably around the body. The double strap ensures that any form of impact during tugs on walks are spread out on a larger surface area. This feature also makes it more difficult for your dog to escape when it tugs in any form of direction. The vertical handle along the back is ergonomically designed to easily pull your dog even closer to you when necessary. With D-rings on both the chest and the back, you have the option to attach the leash in multiple ways depending on your dog’s walking behaviour. 


Our Take Me Anywhere Leash is designed so that you can literally take your dog anywhere. It has clasps on both ends. This makes it convenient to loop around the leg of a table while you are dining out, or onto a waist belt if you want to walk or jog with free hands. It is versatile and even comes in matching colours with our Trust Me Harness! 


We're always improving our products so it meets the needs of dog owners out there. We can't be happier to take in suggestions to improve. Feel free to drop us a message, DM our socials or email wag.actually@gmail.com