Health & Safety

Health & Safety Guide when using Wag Actually Products

Trust Me Harness

Neoprene Chest Paddings 

This is to provide comfort for dogs on the chest area during any tugging or impact. 


Double Strap

This is to ensure that the impact is spread across a larger surface area on 2 straps around the dog’s body, making the concentrated impact on the chest less compared to conventional harnesses. This makes it better for the dog’s’ spine and overall well being. The double strap reduces impact and gives owners better control of their dog during walks. 


Handle Strap

Use this handle strap when you need to pull your dog closer to you. 

Chest Ring

Use this chest ring if your dog tends to tug during walks, as it provides better control when the leash is attached to the front area to prevent the dog from walking ahead of you. 


Back Ring

Use this back ring if your dog is calm and not easily distracted during walks.


Chest & Back Ring

Use both chest and back ring creating a “U-shaped” on the leash to have even more control of your dog or during walk training. Usually puppies will tend need more control this way to learn to walk next to you and not ahead of you.


Take Me Anywhere Leash

Safety Clasp

Ensure that the screw is securely fastened to secure the clasp and prevent any accidental opening. Twist the screw to tighten. 


Multipurpose Hook

With multiple rings along the leash and a clasp at the top of the leash, you have the flexibility to hook the leash in whichever way best suits you.